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Care along the continuum- Infant to Geriatric

Family Medicine

Home Services by Licensed Nurses:

1) Assess patient symptoms and medical histories 

2) Develop Nursing Diagnosis 

3) Develop and modify treatment plans.

4) Provide referrals for future care 

5) Post- Operative Care

6) Post Stroke Management 

7) Diabetic management and Insulin Administration 

8) Diabetic Foot Management 

9) Respiratory Failure Management 

10) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Care.

11) Pain Management 

12) Hypertension Management and Follow up 

13) Chronic Kidney Disease all stages Management 

Advanced Nursing Practices :

1) Ventilator Management

2) Patients on Hemodialysis Management

3) Tracheostomy Management

4) Central Line Management

5) Medication management - including intravenous medication

6) IV therapy 

7) Wound Care

Rehabilitation Services That Include:

1) Physical Therapy 

2) Occupational Therapy

3) Respiratory Therapy 

4) Speech Therapy


The highest standard of care is what we are known for 

Our Model of Care

We deliver our services through a patient and family centred care model, and a team work atmosphere. Every member of the multidisciplinary team of which our customers are members, have a role in rendering our care gently and compassionately. The team has the ultimate goal to satisfy our customers by delivering individualized care according to their needs and problems. The staff assigned is carefully selected with the right skills and competencies to provide the appropriate patient care designed in the multidisciplinary plan of care. After the initial assessment of patient, needs are identified and an individualized interdisciplinary plan of care is developed within a set time frame in collaboration with patients, families and caregivers to meet all social, physical, psychological, spiritual, educational and cultural needs, and to provide maintenance of health, prevention of diseases and encourage optimal independence according to our Admission Policy.The patient and family are responsible to provide a safe environment for care, our advises are communicated with them that include all infection control, facility management and quality improvement requirements.A case manager is assigned to deal and follow up certain cases, coordinating the care within and outside of the organization with all persons involved in the treatment and care.Our physician lead the development of the patient plan of care, assesses the prognosis, interferes and communicates with the treating physicians from the government and private hospital to ensure communication harmony among all healthcare providers.



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Feel free to give us a visit at our head office

Sunday - Saturday 09:00 - 22:00


Moon Tower, Block 102, Zayed the First Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE



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